What is the Clinical Center of Innovation for AMD?

The Clinical Center of Innovation for AMD joins the Retina Foundation of the Southwest and the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering at SMU to transform and accelerate the path to diagnosing and treating AMD. The unique collaboration brings together world-renowned clinical expertise with a group of researchers with diverse interests at a university that is designing, implementing and evaluating the actual process of innovation – creating the new Patient-First Medici Model of medical research that brings engineering, arts and other disciplines to the medical discussion. Simply stated, we are going outside traditional approaches to solve clinical challenges specific to AMD using structured innovation. Through this model, engineers, artists, chemists, photographers, biologists, and clinicians collectively create transformational ideas in diagnosing and treating AMD – all within a more efficient process that will bring those tools to clinical trials with less time and cost. Already, some of the ideas generated are being researched and tested, and prototypes have been developed. Potential outcomes could lead to groundbreaking discoveries for diagnosing and treating AMD, improving the lives of millions of patients and their families.

Overview of Clinical Center of Innovation for AMD

The Clinical Center of Innovation for Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Dallas has a new vision for diagnosis and treatment of the most common cause of vision loss in people 50 years and older in the United States.

Unlike the traditional model of medical research, our Center is putting understanding of patients’ needs at the front and center of its unique partnership between the Retina Foundation of the Southwest and SMU. This collaborative “bench” includes minds inside and outside of medicine, including engineers, artists, photographers, and scientists, all of whom are generating new ideas simply by working with and listening to clinicians who are helping researchers see the world through their eyes. If these efforts prove successful, we may see the quality of life improve for millions of people with life-altering AMD, and we could very well see a sweeping change in the approach to medical research for other diseases, saving precious time and money for generations to come.

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News from the Clinical Center of Innovation for AMD

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