RFSW is a world-class leader among its peers in the pursuit of the treatment and pursuit of a cure for AMD with a proud history of groundbreaking discoveries in eye health. RFSW research led to the discovery that DHA in mother’s milk is essential for infant eye and brain development. Now, enhanced baby formula containing DHA is sold worldwide, and RFSW’s findings have impacted children’s health internationally. An independent clinical research facility that serves all patients at no cost, the Foundation is unsurpassed in its ability to be agile and implement changes in their operations as needed.

Why SMU?

As a nationally-ranked private university with seven degree-granting schools, SMU’s strategic commitment to applying its resources to solve real world problems and its expertise in the science and art of innovation make the school a natural partner for RFSW. With the insight that creativity and innovation should be the forefront of building a sustainable workforce, the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering at SMU has grown 400 % in eight years. The Lyle School’s Deason Innovation Gym (within the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education) is a creative space for students, faculty and staff dedicated to fostering the science of innovation and using it to impact the community.

Why Dallas?

By empowering this diverse, unique innovation team, this collaboration places Dallas in the epi-center of a completely transformative process in accelerating medical research to save funds and precious time. We believe it is the only endeavor of its kind – this is non-existent at other academic institutions. And that is because of the unique capabilities and expertise of the two esteemed, well-versed collaborators, located in Dallas – RFSW and SMU.

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